Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wishing for spring

It's been a long winter, but the snow is melting and the birds are coming back. We're seeing the first signs that winter is not eternal.

"I want to do a spring art project." said Arielle. Hmm....

Here's an easy one. Every spring we have an abundance of sticks in our yard from winter storms. I just grabbed a few.

You can either stick the end in a glob of old play dough (the brown kind made from all the colors mixing together is perfect) or put it in a vase or cup.

Cut out a bunch of leaves from green tissue paper (cellophane of kite paper could also look nice. Let your child rub glue stick on the sticks and stick on the leaves. Talk about how the trees are bare now, but soon they will grow buds and then leaves. Maybe even flowers - for flowers, you could add a few crumpled little bits of pink tissue paper.

It's so easy even a two year old can do it :0) And they came out beautifully.

The blue bird was another easy project. Trace both of your child's hands on a sheet of construction paper. Cut out. Let them glue the thumbs together. Fold down the joined thumbs and add a scrap paper beak. Heave your child draw eyes and what ever else they feel is necessary to make it their bird.

Warm thoughts to you all.

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