Thursday, September 4, 2008

Farm Studies 2: Pigs, part 1.

Arielle loves pigs, so we devoted three days to pigs. This is day one.

Arielle especially enjoys the story of the Three Little Pigs. We've read several version and made up our own. There's a free audio version at Storynory, and another at Candlelight Stories. My children love listening to audio stories while working on their art projects.

So, to start we made MaMa Pig and Three Little Pigs. Here are the basic shapes and supplies.

Use pink construction paper to make a big oval for the body, two triangles for the ears, four small rectangles for legs, and a small oval for a nose. Don't worry about perfection.
You will also need two googley eyes, a small section of pipe cleaner, a black crayon, a glue stick and scraps of pink tissue paper to decorate (optional).

The final result!

On Day Two, we will make houses for the pigs :-)

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