Thursday, September 11, 2008

More pigs!

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. And Mommy Pig, who was getting rather squished in her little pig pen, said "You are all grown up now, my little piggies, and not as little as you used to be. It is time to go out into the world and build your own homes. But, be sure to call every night, and I expect you at six o'clock sharp for Sunday dinner." So the little pigs went out into the big world to make their fortune.

The first little pig was very lucky, and he met a girl with straw (spaghetti) and he said, "I bet that would make a lovely house." So the little girl made him a house, and it was cozy as can be.

The second little pig met a girl with (popsicle) sticks. He told the girl of his problems, and being a sweet, kind-hearted girl, she decided to build him a house. And, in he went, cozy as can be.

The third little pig met a girl with bricks. "What shall I do with these bricks?" she wondered.

"Hmmm... I just can't think of anything," answered the pig, "but, I sure wish I had some straw or sticks for a house."

"Well, this is a crazy idea," mused the girl, "but maybe, like I said wild idea, maybe I could build a house out of bricks."

They both agreed the idea was so crazy that it just might work. So, the girl got out her washable glue and her shoe box (although a tissue box or milk carton or even egg carton would have been just fine) and she built a house out of bricks.

It was the best house ever. The little pig moved in and was cozy as can be.

But silly piggies, they forgot about the big bad wolf.

Now that the three little pigs were snug in their homes and cozy as can be, Mommy Pig and the (not so) Big (not really) Bad Wolf went to the movies. He even brought her a flower.

And every one lived happily (and cozily)ever after.

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